Notable Quotables

Katie Outed As Abortion Activist Katie Couric: "So you write about choice meaning what?" Whoopi Goldberg: "Well because, you know, when you get out there and you march, because we've marched together." Couric, giggling: "Nooo. I'm not allowed to do that." Goldberg, staring upward: "Oh no, that's right. We have not marched together. It was somebody that looked like you." - Exchange on Today during interview about Goldberg's new book, September 29. Promise Keepers: Far-Right Male Supremacists? He's the Coach For the Faithful Or the Far Right? - Washington Post headline over September 28 story on Promise Keepers founder Bill... continue reading
The System Spoiled Boy Scout Gore "What we've done is, we've got a face on a corrupt system and we're doubting the probity who would ever have thought that you would doubt the probity of Vice President Al Gore and three nuns? So it seems to me you've got to look at the system when the system is corrupting people that you would not otherwise think." - Time columnist Margaret Carlson on CNN's Capital Gang, September 6. "There is no evidence that Gore knew about the reimbursement scheme. Plus, he insists he didn't know the event was a fundraiser in... continue reading
Diana's Death: It's a Conservative's Fault Dan Rather: "What about the businessmen, the media moguls of tabloid sleaze who pay these photographers big bucks for what they do?" Richard Threlkeld: "...Until [Rupert] Murdoch the paparazzi business was just small potatoes." Andrew Neil, of The European: "In this country, Murdoch set new rules. He was prepared to pay big money for these pictures." Threlkeld: "Murdoch stuck the pictures on the front pages of his London tabloids, The Sun and News of the World. He made a fortune and used it to buy the New York Post, TV Guide, 20th Century Fox,... continue reading
Police Brutality? Not Enough "Diversity" "But in a city where the population is 61 percent minority and the police force is 68 percent white, the problem may be more difficult to solve than simply going after bad cops. The community which surrounds the 70th precinct, the sight of the alleged police attack against Louima, is a mix of Pakistani, Asian, Hispanic, Orthodox Jews and Caribbean blacks. The police force is 76 percent white...Last year, more than three-quarters of the brutality complaints against the New York Police Department came from minority groups...Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo says what fuels racism... continue reading
Jesse Helms, Terrorist? "Just naming [Massachusetts Gov. William] Weld is a gesture of administration bipartisanship. And the fight over his nomination may touch off a gratifying round of GOP fratricide in the Senate just when the civil war between pro- and anti-Gingrich forces is simmering down in the House. New bickering could show soccer moms just how small the GOP tent is...[Weld] underestimates Washington's willingness to negotiate with terrorists who happen to run committees." - Time columnist Margaret Carlson, August 4. Bias: Everybody Does It "All along the Democrats have called the loan a sham transaction, but legal or not,... continue reading
Why Inquiring Minds Don't Watch Face the Nation "You say you have evidence that the money came from the Bank of China and then in turn was passed on. But you know the Bank of China, they don't just have money from the Chinese government there. It would be like if I got something from the Fort Worth National Bank, that wouldn't mean it would come necessarily from the Fort Worth City Council. They keep money from a lot of different people there. Where's the connection between the government and going into this, into the campaign?" - CBS Face the... continue reading
It's the System's Fault, Not Clinton's "At times it will seem as if an individual, or a presidential campaign, or a political party is being investigated. That's only partly true. What's really in the dock beginning today isn't any politician but the system that politicians built. What's important beginning today isn't what one party can show about the other, but what the campaign-finance system shows about our political system....The hearings that begin this morning aren't really about John Huang and Charlie Trie or Abraham Lincoln's bedroom but about the political loophole unregulated 'soft-money' contributions to the parties, not to the... continue reading
Clinton's Negative Press from the Left "Is this welfare bill your great vulnerability on this subject? Your supporters, your critics, they all say that, perhaps, you are abandoning minorities and the poor." - NBC's Gwen Ifill interviewing President Clinton about his race-relations speech, June 16 Today . "Is there risk involved in that, though, sir, if you have people speaking frankly?Do you really want people to say what they think about others? We have something of that kind that goes on talk radio all the time and people say what they think, but it's not always very constructive....Do you think... continue reading
Why the Public Blames the GOP ABC reporter John Cochran: "Flood victims in Grand Forks do not understand why Republican leaders refuse to pass an aid bill without strings attached." Tomi Lundby, flood victim: "The river took our home, our possessions, our neighbors, our neighborhood and we still have our spirit. But the government is taking our spirit and our strength. And that's what's going to kill us." Cochran: "Doug Sprehe is a life-long conservative Republican." Doug Sprehe: "I believed in these guys and I voted for some of them and I'm beginning to lose my faith in the conservative... continue reading
Incongruous Comparisons Abound "In the '80s, morning in America sounded good but proved to be a false dawn. The expansion was fueled by 'high-yield' junk bonds and government debt, and when interest rates soared and the market crashed, the junk dealers on Wall Street began to look like perfect mirror images of the crack entrepreneurs in the slums." - Time Senior Writer Eric Pooley in a May 19 story on the booming '90s. "Earlier tonight, we reported the President's apology for medical experiments that allowed black Americans to die of syphilis. The President noted how badly this hurt public trust... continue reading