Notable Quotables

Probe Into Fast and Furious Fiasco “Mostly Show Business” Anchor Carol Costello: “So what I’d like you to do is douse us with reality, because this has become very partisan, this argument over Eric Holder. Eric Holder has testified before the House Judiciary Committee nine times. Each time he has admitted Fast and Furious was a dreadful mistake, and each time Holder says he was unaware of the tactics of the operation. Why don’t Republicans believe him?” CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin: “Well, this is really much more to be filed in the category of politics than law....The idea... continue reading
“Not An Easy Night” for Left-Wing Hacks “This is not going to be an easy night for many broadcasters who are liberal. This is not going to be an easy night for this broadcaster. To say that I’m shocked and stunned is pretty much an understatement. But I also think that it is a real warning to Americans that money is now infiltrated into our political system like we have never seen before, and the ruling by Citizens United is now a real message to every American.” — Host Ed Schultz during a live 11pm ET edition of MSNBC’s The... continue reading
Editor's Note: Supporters of Clarence Thomas considered the leaking of last-minute charges by Thomas opponents the sleaziest kind of gutter politics, and the logical outcome of a 100-day search for any "dirt" that would deny him the nomination. After the public watched the hearings and believed Thomas, Democrats supported Hill and accused the Republicans of dirty politics. Which view did the media advocate? Read on: Anita's Allies "Given the detail and consistency of her testimony, it was almost inconceivable that Hill, rather than describing her own experiences, was fabricating the portrait of a sexual-harassment victim....Thomas' two sessions of angry rebuttal... continue reading
THE CLINTON ECONOMIC PLAN Special Amnesia Edition Editor's Note: Reporters told the voters last fall that Bill Clinton would cut taxes for the middle class, and that his economic plan was solid and credible. When President Bush and Vice President Quayle said otherwise, reporters called their assertions misleading or wrong. Would reporters apologize, or praise his actual economic plan? Read on: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on Clinton's Tax Promises "President Bush's new ad portrays Bill Clinton as a big taxer and a danger to the middle class....That's misleading. In fact, Clinton has proposed cutting taxes for the sort of people in... continue reading
Leftist Media Slam Catholic Church: “Tool of the Far Right” “These bishops are in Mitt Romney’s pocket and the Republican Party’s pocket, and the Catholic Church has become a tool of the far political right in this country....And Benedict XVI is number one.” — Former CNN and MSNBC host Bill Press on his Full Court Press radio show, simulcast on Current-TV, May 22, talking about the Church’s lawsuit against Obama’s health care mandates as a violation of religious liberty. “Do you think they’re all Republican, the bishops?” — Chris Matthews to liberal activist Sister Simone Campbell on MSNBC’s Hardball ,... continue reading
“Getting Chills” Upon Hearing Obama’s “Historic Words” Co-host George Stephanopoulos: “What a watershed moment. You know, whatever people think about this issue, and we know it’s controversial, there’s no denying when a President speaks out for the first time like that, it is history.” Co-host Robin Roberts: “And let me tell you, George, I’m getting chills again. Because when you sit in that room and you hear him say those historic words — it was not lost on anyone that was in the room.” — ABC’s Good Morning America , May 10. [Audio/video (0:37): Windows Media | MP3 audio ]... continue reading
“Moderate” Mitt Now a “Hard Right, Full Moon Conservative” Host Chris Matthews: “How does this guy [Mitt Romney] go from hard right, severely conservative, to this new regular mainstream character he’s portraying himself as?...He ran as a full mooner, Michael. You know, he was saying ‘There’s no such thing as science.’... How can he go from Flat Earth, ‘I don’t believe in evolution,’ to all of a sudden I’m teaching biology?... It certainly was in the Grand Wizard crowd over there, okay?” Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: “Wait, I resent that! No. Come on, what is this ‘Grand Wizard’ nonsense?... continue reading
NBC Anchor Rips GOP Budget: “Where Is the Empathy?” Co-host Ann Curry: “The Center of [sic] Budget and Policy Priorities...says 62 percent of the savings in your budget would come from cutting programs for the poor, that between eight and ten million people would be kicked off of food stamps, that you would cut Medicare by $200 billion, Medicaid and other health programs by something like $770 billion. Where is the empathy in this budget?... Do you acknowledge that poor people will suffer under this budget-” Representative Paul Ryan: “No. No.” Curry: “-that you have shown a lack of empathy... continue reading
No One Seriously Thinks ObamaCare Is Unconstitutional “About half the public apparently believes that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is unconstitutional.... I’m here to tell you: that belief is simply wrong. The constitutional challenge to the law’s requirement for people to buy health insurance — specifically, the argument that the mandate exceeds Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause — is rhetorically powerful but analytically so weak that it dissolves on close inspection. There’s just no there there.” — Former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse in a March 21 blog posting . Anchor Soledad O’Brien: “So the... continue reading
Republicans Are “Cowards” for Not Trashing Limbaugh Reporter Dan Harris: “Leading Republicans are essentially being called cowards for their tepid criticism of America’s most powerful conservative radio host.” Mitt Romney: “It’s not the language I would have used.” Harris: “Not exactly Profiles in Courage material.” — ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer , March 5. “I thought it was the most offensive thing I’ve heard on the airwaves since I’ve been in America....Why [are] so many Republicans unwilling to call out Rush Limbaugh on what he was when he said those words, which was disgusting? Why can’t you just say,... continue reading