Notable Quotables

Finally, “Lying” Bush Exposed “There are laws on the books against what the administration is doing, and it’s about time somebody said it out loud. This federal district judge ruled today President Bush is breaking the law by spying on people in this country without a warrant....It means President Bush violated his oath of office, among other things, when he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It means he’s been lying to us about the program since it started, when he’s been telling us there’s nothing illegal about what he’s doing. A court has ruled it is... continue reading
Ode to the “Charismatic Commie” “To some, Fidel Castro is a romantic revolutionary. To others, he’s a ruthless and absolute dictator. But regardless of your opinion of the man, there is no doubt but that he is a towering historic figure, and meeting and interviewing him was one of the most memorable experiences of a young reporter’s life....After Castro fainted during a 2001 speech and later fell and shattered an arm and kneecap in 2004, people on both sides of the Fidel divide started thinking about life after the charismatic commie who successfully defied the world’s greatest power for almost... continue reading
Bush, America’s “Dictator” Newsweek ’s Eleanor Clift: “[Russia’s Vladimir Putin is] the only one of those leaders who goes in there [the G8 summit] with a commanding popularity among his own people, because he is perceived to be an effective dictator. What we have in this country is a dictator who’s ineffective.” Chrystia Freeland, Financial Times : “But, he’s not a dictator! I mean, no, we can’t use these terms so loosely.” Clift: “So, don’t use that so loosely? Well, we have an authoritarian President who is ineffective.” Freeland: “No, he’s not authoritarian....You guys, you guys can elect your Presidents... continue reading
Keith’s Dishonest Bias Denials “Here are Countdown’s ‘Top Three Newsmakers’ of this day. Number three, the rabid right-wing spin group, the Media Research Center, which studied our ‘Worst Persons in the World!’ segment for the last year and discovered that of approximately 600 nominees, only 174 of them were conservative. That means roughly 71 percent of the Worsts are not conservative. I’d like to thank the MRC for confirming my point that the segment is apolitical.” — MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, June 28 Countdown . We documented that Olbermann attacked conservatives nearly eight times more often (174 times) than liberals (23)... continue reading
“Weapons of Minor Discomfort” Host Keith Olbermann: “What is Senator Rick Santorum trying to shovel past the American people? And why is the Secretary of Defense agreeing with him?” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld: “They are weapons of mass destruction. They’re harmful to human beings.” Olbermann : “Correct. You might get a burn if you rub these weapons directly onto your skin. They are WMD: Weapons of Minor Discomfort....Good evening from New York. We have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, 15-year-old weapons of mass destruction that could give you the equivalent of a serious rug burn.” — MSNBC’s Keith... continue reading
Open Mouth, Remove Foot “Karl Rove’s legal team has told me that they expect that a decision will come sometime in the next two weeks. And I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.” — MSNBC correspondent David Shuster on Countdown with Keith Olbermann , May 8. (With WMV video clip/ MP3 audio ) “Well, sometimes when you’re trying to track a secret grand jury investigation, the legal sources, the defense lawyers who have witnesses in front of that grand jury, sometimes they get it wrong, and that seemed to be the case in this particular case....The... continue reading
First Impulse: Blame “Right Wing” for Boston Bombings “The list of potential suspects could be long because investigators know this stretch of April is one with a dark history. This Friday, April 19th, is also the anniversary of two of the most traumatic days in the country’s recent history. In 1993, a 51-day standoff between federal law enforcement and Branch Davidian leader David Koresh ended with 80 dead, including 25 children, when Koresh refused to surrender peacefully. On the same day two years later, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168, including 19 children... continue reading
Leading Off With False Smear Elizabeth Vargas: “Tonight, sources tell ABC News the case involving convicted lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, has led FBI investigators to some of the most powerful members of Congress, namely the man, second in line for the presidency, after the Vice President. This is a story with potentially major political implications and our chief investigative correspondent, Brian Ross, joins us with his exclusive report. Brian.” Reporter Brian Ross: “Elizabeth, federal officials tell us the congressional bribery investigation now includes the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert....Justice Department officials describe the 64-year-old Illinois Republican as very much in... continue reading
TV Cries “Scandal!” Public Yawns “NSA bombshell: A new report that the government is secretly tracking your phone calls, seeking information on every call made in the U.S. The war on terror vs. your privacy.” — ABC’s Diane Sawyer opening the May 11 Good Morning America . Later in the show, ABC’s on-screen graphic warned: “Big Brother: Why is NSA Tracking Your Calls?” “This morning, a shocking new report that the National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone records of tens of millions of Americans?...This is sure to set off a real firestorm in Washington today.” — Matt... continue reading
Hurt America, Win a Prize “[The Pulitzer Prizes] recognize the sort of journalism — courageous, costly and comprehensive — that only papers can provide....The biggest story that newspapers unearthed last year was the abuse of power by the Bush administration. The [Washington] Post won an award for revealing a system of secret prisons maintained by the CIA in Eastern Europe to interrogate terrorism suspects. The [New York] Times disclosed a program of clandestine government eavesdropping that many lawyers have denounced as illegal.” — ABC’s Cokie Roberts and her husband, former New York Times reporter Steven V. Roberts, April 23 column... continue reading