Notable Quotables

“Unprovoked Naked Aggression” “The United States is hosting a Middle East summit meeting aimed at kick-starting the peace process. Forty countries, maybe more, are expected to attend, including Syria, Saudi Arabia. But the only country currently at war in the Middle East is us, the United States, prosecuting two separate wars there, count them two, one of them an unprovoked act of naked aggression. That would be the war in Iraq....Don’t kid yourself, part of the reason for this is his [Bush’s] legacy, try to burnish it up a little bit. It ain’t in real good shape.” — CNN’s Jack... continue reading
Hillary, the “Moral Conservative” “On foreign policy, she [Hillary Clinton] is a little more hawkish than the rest of the Democratic Party, and certainly more than the primary base is. It seems that on social issues, by which I mean kind of welfare and economic issues, she’s fairly liberal. But she’s a moral conservative. Which is to say that she also gets behind, you know, things like values issues. She’s endorsed a plan to lower abortion rates that actually just passed through the House and Senate conference committee this week.” — Time ’s Amy Sullivan on MSNBC’s Tucker , November... continue reading
Chris Endorses Left-Wing Kook “Well, I agreed with the sentiment at least.” — MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews during live coverage following the October 30 Democratic debate, after a protester interrupted him on-air screaming, “All U.S. troops out of Iraq now! No more blood for oil!” (With WMV video / MP3 audio ) Fearing Nasty GOP Smear Artists “Governor Romney misspoke twice on the same day, confusing your name with that of Osama bin Laden. Your party is fond of talking about potential swift boating. Are you fearful of what happened to John McCain, for example, in South Carolina a few... continue reading
Pushing Lies About Limbaugh “Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says veterans who support withdrawing the troops are ‘phony soldiers.’ Those are his words.” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews opening Hardball on September 28. In fact, Limbaugh was talking about leftist anti-war groups touting tales of U.S. atrocities from Jesse Macbeth, a soldier who flunked out of basic training and who is going to prison for making it all up. (With WMV video / MP3 audio ) Host Keith Olbermann : “Comedian Rush Limbaugh tries to back out of his quote: Servicemen protesting the war are quote ‘phony soldiers.’” Rush Limbaugh... continue reading
We All Know He’s a Liar “Senator, good morning to you. Let me ask you right out of the bat — when the President speaks about Iraq tonight, do you believe that he will have any credibility?” — NBC’s Meredith Vieira to GOP Senator Chuck Hagel on the September 13 Today . (With WMV video / MP3 audio ) “There’s so much of this that’s truly, and I don’t mean this in a cartoon sense, fantastic. When you’re with the President, does he live in this world? Or does he just sell it?” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to Senator Joe... continue reading
Using Craig to Smear “Right Wing” “Good morning, politician in peril. Idaho Senator Larry Craig, an opponent of gay rights, admits pleading guilty to disorderly conduct after a police officer accused him of soliciting sex in an airport men’s room. Can the right wing withstand yet another scandal involving one of its own?” — NBC’s Matt Lauer opening Today , August 28. (With WMV video / MP3 audio ) “It’s been a rough year for the right. Let’s list them: Congressman Mark Foley; conservative pastor Ted Haggard; Senator David Vitter — all involved in scandals, accusing them of inappropriate conduct... continue reading
Castigating Rove “The Divider” Anchor Terry Moran : “Tonight on Nightline: The Divider. Inspiring awe or anger, scoring historic victories for a polarizing President. The man who made our politics a no-holds barred battlefield, Karl Rove....Look around at American politics today and you see that there is much, much more that Karl Rove built.” Clip from Swift Boat Veterans ad : “John Kerry cannot be trusted.” FNC’s Bill O’Reilly : “He’s the villain. He is the villain in Massachusetts.” Ann Coulter, from June 26 Hardball : “The wife of a presidential candidate is asking me to stop speaking. No.” Moran... continue reading
Media’s Bridge to Higher Taxes “Experts have been warning for years that this country’s infrastructure is crumbling. But are taxpayers ready to spend the billions, maybe trillions, it would take to fix all the pipelines, tunnels and bridges?” — CBS’s Katie Couric reporting from the collapsed I-35W bridge in Minneapolis on the August 2 Evening News. (With WMV video / MP3 audio ) Anchor Katie Couric : “The House approved an emergency bill authorizing $250 million to rebuild the 35W bridge....It’s really just a drop in a very huge bucket when it comes to fixing all of America’s bridges and... continue reading
CNN’s Night of Liberal Questions Will from Boston : “[Are] African-Americans ever going to get reparations for slavery? I know y’all gonna run around this question, dipping and dodging, so let’s see how far y’all can get.” Mother of U.S. soldier : “Is the reason that we are still in Iraq — and seemingly will be for some time — due to the Democrats’ fear that blame for the loss of the war will be placed on them by the Republican spin machine?” Animated snowman with falsetto voice: “Hello, Democratic candidates. I have been growing concerned that global warming, the... continue reading
Bush’s “Travesty of Justice” “This morning, above the law? The President decides convicted White House official Scooter Libby should not go directly to jail. He’s not going to jail at all. Was justice served?” — Fill-in co-host David Muir opening ABC’s Good Morning America , July 3. Meredith Vieira: “Is it possible that this decision to commute and not pardon will backfire with the President’s conservative base, whose patience with him is already tried?” Weekly Standard ’s William Kristol: “No, no....Look at all the screaming and yelling. Look at Joe Wilson’s ridiculous comments just now....” Vieira: “Why do you say... continue reading