MediaWatch: November 1989

Vol. Three No. 11

Martin's Merit

Martin's Merit. MediaWatch presented the September 1988 Janet Cooke Award to ABC's John Martin for his coverage of Dan Quayle. Now it's only fair to note an outstanding report put together by Martin which demolished the liberal media's myths of growing racial tension during the Reagan years. Martin used the results of an ABC/Washington Post poll to show that "America is a more integrated and more tolerant place today than just eight years ago." The October 24 report examined in detail how racial tensions had decreased, noting that "housing has become somewhat more open" and that "two out of every three whites and four out of every five blacks report friendships with people of the other race." In conclusion, Martin remarked, "despite continued conflict and fear on both sides, from what people tell us, the country has moved slowly but steadily toward racial tolerance and integration."