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Media "news" entities like MSNBC, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, Newsweek, and the rest of the socialist media are working around the clock to transform our nation into a weak, dependent, godless, and second-rate globalist state through their leftist propaganda.

The Media Research Center must remain ready and able to do battle with the liberal media elite day in and day out. It's a fight that requires both fortitude and funds from patriotic Americans like you.

Since the election, the media have become even more emboldened, escalating their attacks against conservatives and conservative leaders. As a result, the MRC must sharpen our tools so that we can go toe-to-toe with them in this battle. We are looking for patriotic, truth-loving Americans to stand with us by becoming members of the MRC Patriot Fund.

If you believe in the Constitution, limited government, free-market principles, and traditional American values, then the MRC Patriot Fund is for you.

The MRC Patriot Fund members are committed to providing monthly support to equip the MRC with the necessary resources so that we can expose the radical media and neutralize their impact. By joining this dedicated group of supporters, you are becoming part of a select group of Americans who will no longer tolerate the liberal media and their brazen attacks on our freedom.

The MRC Patriot Fund provides a steady flow of monthly support from you and thousands of other committed conservatives to ensure that liberal, media elitists like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Paul Krugman of The New York Times, and CBS's Steve Kroft DO NOT help usher in a new wave of progressive propaganda or policies.

Granted, the resources available to ABC, CNN, NPR, The Washington Post, TIME magazine, and the left-wing media outpace those of the MRC by the tens of millions of dollars. But we know that with your sustainable gift and our tenacity, the MRC can seriously neutralize the media's impact.

Are you ready to stand with fellow conservatives and help intensify the MRC's efforts to expose the media's radical agenda?

  • Your support through the MRC Patriot Fund will ensure that we remain in 2013 the "go-to" organization that conservative media outlets, like Fox News and Human Events, and conservative commentators and leaders, like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, depend on for information they need to counter the leftist press.
  • Your support will also ensure that we become even more active, more visible, and more significant in the battle to expose, counter, and neutralize the liberal press.

As Barack Obama enters his second term touting an extreme progressive agenda, the liberal media will predictably carry his water through their progressive propaganda. Your help is needed now more than ever, so that the MRC can bring our A-game to neutralize the media's impact and save America from socialism.

When you join the MRC Patriot Fund, you are partnering with the most effective conservative organization to expose media bias.

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"Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center have been huge assets to the conservative movement over the last 25 years. The folks at the MRC fight the good fight every day, every week, every year, and I don't know what we'd do without them."

—Mark Levin

"Liberals hate [MRC President and Founder] Brent Bozell. And in this business, that's a badge of honor. . . . He documents their excess, their idiocy, and their bias."

—Rush Limbaugh

"The MRC has played a key role in our culture, not just documenting and exposing liberal bias, but helping to pave the way for the growth of an alternative media that works to balance the far left ideologues at the major networks and the major newspapers."

—Sean Hannity

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