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NYT's Eduardo Porter Finds Ideal 'Model' for Reducing Pollution: The Great Recession

Economics columnist Eduardo Porter saves the punch line of "A Model for Reducing Emissions" forparagraph nine, when he revealed that the "model" is economic recession: "But the main reasons are ...
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NY Times Calls Tiny Sequestration Cuts to 'Vital' Programs 'the Worst,' Hurtful to Economic Growth

The original online headline to a budget legislation story likely captured what reporters Jonathan Weisman and Annie Lowrey wanted to say: "Plan That Would Spare Vital Programs Is Expected to ...
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Sen. Reid Blames Marines Deaths on Sequester, New York Times Stays Silent

The New York Times reported on the tragic death of seven Marines on a training exercise in Nevada. But reporters Eric Schmitt and Timothy Williams selectively quoted Democratic Majority leader ...
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The New York Times Stands With Rand -- On Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, Anyway

Ashley Parker and Michael Shear stand with Rand, at least on immigration: "Republican sentiment for a more liberal immigration policy has been building in the aftermath of last year’s election. ...
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Say Again? NY Times Book Critic Faults Fox News for Political Slant

Pot, kettle, as Times book critic Michiko Kakutani faults Fox News for political bias: "[Chafets]....doesn’t ask his subject many tough questions about Fox News’s incestuous relationship with ...
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New York Times Gushes Over Colorado's 'Popular, Data-Driven' Gun Control Governor

Jack Healy: "Eight months later, [Colorado Gov. John] Hickenlooper is poised to sign some of the toughest new gun control laws in the nation, capping a journey that has transformed a popular, ...
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NY Times' Bruni Mocked for Urging Pope to 'Dwell Less in the Bedroom, More in the Soup Kitchen'

James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal cracked on Times columnist Frank Bruni for urging the new pope to "dwell less in the bedroom, more in the soup kitchen." Last week Bruni guest-hosted the ...
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NYT Mag Cover Story Admires Stone-Throwing Palestinian Protests in a West Bank Village

The 8,000-word New York Times magazine cover by Ben Ehrenreich is an admiring profile of purportedly "non-violent" protests put on by the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Among the striking ...
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NYT's Michael Luo Confidently Asserts Gun Restrictions on Violent Men Would Have Saved Lives

Michael Luo's front-page investigation invests a lot of hope in government restrictions on firearm possession for men threatening their families: "For all its rage and terror, the episode might ...
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NY Times Magazine Remembers the 'Patriotic Fatwa' Against the Dixie Chicks

"Since the corporate consolidation enabled by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, country radio has been dominated by the format-homogenizing influence and right-wing politics of Clear ...
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