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Time's Halperin Concedes: 'Press Failed to Scrutinize' ObamaCare

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's The O'Reilly Factor on FNC to promote his book, Double Down: Game Change 2012, Time magazine's Mark Halperin recounted that the media did not "scrutinize" ...
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NYT's Peters Still Thunderstruck By GOP's Ridiculous, Doomed Attempts to Repeal Obamacare

Jeremy Peters again mocks the House GOP's long-shot attempts to repeal Obamacare: One by one, they queued up in the aisles of the House of Representatives, eager for their one minute to unload ...
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NYT's Peters Hits 'Waste of Time' Obama-Care Repeal Votes and GOP's 'Myopic Focus' on Deficits

Times reporter Jeremy Peters is not pleased with the House Republican votes to repeal Obama care, dismissing them as a waste of time and a mere "Republican rite of passage," and in a time of $16 ...
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NYT: In Burgeoning Scandals, Is Obama 'Buffeted by Partisanship and Forces Beyond his Control'?

The emerging scandals covering the White House are not all Obama's responsibility, suggests Jeremy Peters: "The challenges underscore a paradox about the 44th president. He presides over a ...
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NYT's Parker: Poor Jilted Obama 'Wined and Dined' the 'Bad Date' GOP Congress, Gotten 'Nothing in Return'

Congressional reporter Ashley Parker, almost ignoring the burgeoning scandals overwhelming the White House this week, focused on poor abandoned Obama in a clip: "I mean, if I were him, ...
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TimesWatch Shutting Down

This Friday, May 17, will be the final day for TimesWatch posts. The Media Research Center will be consolidating products and, as a result, TimesWatch posts and the TimesWatch Tracker will be ...
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NYT's Weisman Emphasizes Harsh GOP Partisanship Over Actual Obama Scandal Details on Benghazi, IRS

Times reporter Jonathan Weisman keeps his journalistic priorities in order -- harsh Republican partisanship over the substance of their actual accusations: "President Obama, facing re-energized ...
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Bruni the Clueless? NYT Columnist Mocks 'Clueless' Americans and 'Mean' Justice Scalia, But Botches Poll Facts

Columnist Frank Bruni: "....about 65 percent of us can’t name a single Supreme Court justice. Not the chief one, John Roberts. Not the mute one, Clarence Thomas. Not even the mean one, ...
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NY Times Public Editor: Soft IRS, Benghazi Coverage Lends Credence to Conservative Criticism

Public editor Margaret Sullivan criticized her paper's soft coverage of the Obama scandals in Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service: "Many on the right -- as noted last week in my blog posts ...
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New York Times Breaks Gosnell Guilty Verdicts By Labeling Victims 'Fetuses' Six Times

The New York Times unsurprisingly stuck by its biased language on the abortion issue as it broke the news that a jury had found Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell guilty of three counts ...
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