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Notable Quotables - 02/17/1992

Notable Quotables - 02/03/1992

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MediaWatch: February 1992

The Anita Hill Coverup; NewsBites: Unfair to Anita; Revolving Door: ABC's Bush Campaign; PBS Omnipresence Scowls at Charges of Bias; Charlotte Observer Runs Cooke Award; There They Go Again; Nina ...

Notable Quotables - 01/20/1992

Notable Quotables - 01/06/1992

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MediaWatch: January 1992

ABC's Liberal of the Week; NewsBites: Great Gorebasm; Revolving Door: On the Democratic Trail; Welfare Wailing, Factual Failing; PBS Shows Match Democratic Agenda; Mayoral Payola; CBS Errs on ...

Notable Quotables - 12/09/1991

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MediaWatch: December 1991

"Civil Rights"; NewsBites: News Fools Tonight; Revolving Door: To Kennedy's Defense; Reporters Can't Resist Lumping Republicans With Nazis; Middle Class Mythology; DoonesBury's Pet Perjurer; ...

Notable Quotables - 11/25/1991

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