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MediaWatch: April 1993

Dan Rather's Greatest Liberal Hits; NewsBites: Gumbel's Blame Game; Revolving Door: Brokaw Balks at Babbitt; Media Ignore Politicized Clinton Justice Department; ABC Reports on Bias; Toilet ...

Notable Quotables - 03/15/1993

The Clinton Economic Plan

The Clinton Economic Plan: Special Amnesia Edition

MediaWatch: March 1993

More Badly Biased Budget Reporting; NewsBites: Profiles in Courage; Revolving Door: Edelman Admirer; Waited Months to Correct "Inappropriate" Reporting; Goodbye, American Way; Budget Reviews; ...

Notable Quotables - 03/01/1993

Notable Quotables - 02/15/1993

MediaWatch: February 1993

Loving the Children's Defense Fund; NewsBites: Going Nowhere Fast; Revolving Door: Time's FOB; Reporters Hound Clinton on Political Missteps, But....; "Uneducated" Conservatives?; Cheers to Sam ...

Notable Quotables - 02/01/1993

Commentary on Media Bias on Abortion

As one of his first official acts on January 22, 1993, President Bill Clinton threw out Ronald Reagan’s executive order prohibiting U.S. funding for international agencies that subsidize or ...

Notable Quotables - 01/18/1993

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