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Rihanna Video Celebrates Kidnap, Torture, Murder

And Newsweek thinks that’s just super!
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Geraghty: On Gay Marriage, ‘Press has Decided One Side is Evil’

Kurtz ‘Can’t remember a time coverage has been so one-sided.’
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Artist Defends Using Iconic Patriotic Image to Make Gay Rights Statement

 Image causes an uproar on social media after gay marriage ruling.
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HuffPo Live: Vatican’s ‘Big Gay Art Collection’ is ‘High-End Pornography’

Church values are ‘stuck in the past’, ‘backward.’
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Daily Beast Attacks Post-Abortion Counseling

You’re not allowed any regrets, so get over it, sister.
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Kim Kardashian: ‘Looks’ Not Enough; Girls Should “Put in the Work.”

If it weren’t hypocritical lefties, we’d have no celebrities.
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