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Merry Christmas! 5 Takeaways from Media Coverage of Christians in 2014

Gored or ignored, Christians can’t win with liberal media.
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CNN Host: Islamic Creed ‘Some Terrorists Use’ Like the Lord’s Prayer

Ashleigh Banfield makes ‘a connection.’
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Why Pets Should Be Legal Citizens Too: the Voxplanation

“Questions No One Is Asking” bin.
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‘Do They Know It’s Christmastime?’ ACLU Stops School from Feeding African Orphans

Anti-Christian totalitarianism reaches absurd level.
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New Yorker’s ‘Climate Change” Carols: ‘Silent Night’ Cannibalism

>Christmas and global warming make liberal elites laugh.
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DOJ Debunks WH’s Stats on College Rape, Will Media Report?

Staggeringly lower numbers defeat false narrative on prevalence of rape on college campuses.
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Daily Show: Atheist Group ‘Petty A**holes’ Who Need to ‘Lighten the F**k Up’

Liberal comedy show bashes whiny atheists.
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Blue Christmas: Five Videos of Cops Brightening the Season

These remarkable police departments know how to celebrate Christmas and serve.
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Bah-Humbug: 6 ‘Naughty’ Christmas Themed Episodes

‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men’ nowhere to be found here.
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Pro-Life Leaders Slam ‘Black Lives Matter’ Hypocrisy, Note Black Babies Aborted

In New York, 78 percent of abortions are black, Hispanic.
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