As a holiday present to himself, on a TV holiday special with Oprah, President Obama gave himself a first year grade of B+. This he earned, apparently, by stacking up a sky-high unemployment rate, points higher than the worst case scenario forecasts and assurances he himself made in promoting his stimulus spending spree. Maybe he earned that grade by allowing an emboldened Iran to openly accelerating nuclear weapons development, hold U.S. hostages and putting them on trial, and even invade Iraq . Or for doing nothing while the Mid-East conflict worsened without even a semblance of a Mid-East peace process... continue reading
For husbands everywhere, Tiger Woods . By comparison, we all look good. Even Letterman, Gov. Sanford and former Sen. Edwards said – “See!” It’s like going to your wife’s high school reunion and discovering the quarterback she could have married is a lot fatter than you, balder than you, and selling used cars. Tiger’s another illustration of the principle: if it seems too good to be true, it is. Just like Obama. For conservatives, Sarah Palin . She’s managed to replace the thrill up his leg that Chris Matthews’ Obama-induced leg thrill with nightly indigestion and, from the look on... continue reading
In “Rich Dad Poor Dad , ” author Robert Kiyosaki explained the different views of wealth that poor and rich people have. Kiyosaki showed readers how to learn from those opposite outlooks and be successful. President Barack Obama must be vying to write the la test sequel. Only, Obama wants to turn things upside down. People who make money in the private sector now are evil. Obama made big headlines recently calling out “fat cat bankers on Wall Street.” The only people who are good in Obamaland are government employees. And they aren’t just doing good , they are doing... continue reading
A number of business owners have let me know of their new annoyance. They’re taking umbrage. The Great and Powerful Ozbama has chosen a new demon: the small business community. Not long ago, the rhetoric was about the need to assist small business. Now it is about hanging his unemployment crisis around small business’ necks. The problem, Obama suggested in a speech this past week, is that small business is not hiring enough, and squeezing its too-few workers to do more. How dare they? Small business owners should hire even if not making profits. And, he apparently reasons, greedy owners... continue reading
What’s that hissing sound? Al Gore’s fuse? Steam coming from Barbara Boxer’s ears? Probably, but mostly, it’s the sound of gas escaping the climate change balloondoggle. Assuredly, there’s no shortage of UN envirocrats ready and willing to plug the holes. And our president will soon lend his special hot air to keep it hovering over Copenhagen. But it’s starting to look like a matter of time before, like the recent “Balloon Boy” hoax, the airship flutters to the ground and panicky rescuers find there’s nobody in it. (Ha ha! It was all a stunt to get on the new reality... continue reading
The last time unemployment hit double digits, the Billy Joel song “Allentown” was a surprise early ’80s hit. As Joel later told the Allentown Morning Call, it was a “song about being out of work.” The song’s message of lost jobs and lost hope resonated with American workers down on their luck. “And it's hard to keep a good man down. But I won't be getting up today,” went the final verse. President Obama tried to recapture that sentiment as a way of tapping into the emotion of the American people on jobs by visiting Allentown last week. That was... continue reading
The imminent end of the world. Aliens (the ones from space , not the illegal kind). Witches and warlocks. Those are some of things Americans believe in. Unbiased journalism? Not so much. That’s what the polling tells us. A 2008 Harris Poll reinforced that belief. More Americans believe in ghosts (44 percent) , UFOs (36 percent) and witches (31 percent) than believe journalists. No major media outlet scored that high according to the 2009 Pew State of the Media report. Hollywood must be paying attention. Nearly every top film of 2009 reflects those topics. Everything from the “Transformers” sequel to... continue reading
On Sunday’s “Face The Nation” on CBS, Howard Dean, doctor, former Vermont Governor, former head of the DNC, stated that the Veterans Administration’s health care system is, in fact, a socialist system. Yes, he said that . And he praised it as the best, most effective health care provider in all the world. The show’s host didn’t comment on this characterization of the VA as socialist, and Dean went on to point to Medicare as a single payer system, and praised it as well. This was his argument for the public option, and the certain path to government run health... continue reading
What’s hidden in health care reform that you haven’t heard about? Plenty. Without a news media interested in questioning the contents of the legislation, how could you know about the punitive taxes and job-killing provisions lurking in it? My clients in the restaurant industry alerted me to the House bill’s mandate that all restaurants and retail establishments that are part of chains, franchise groups or multi-brand groups of more than 20 outlets be required to prominently post accurate calorie counts for most food items sold – including items on salad bars and buffets or self-serve counters. Maybe this seems “healthy”... continue reading
The $1,000 bill has President Grover Cleveland’s face on it. The $100,000 bill has the dour image of President Woodrow Wilson. We’ve already seen President Barack Obama attach his name and face to the $787 billion stimulus bill. And if the left has its way, the face on the $6 trillion “climate justice” bill will also be Obama’s. Or maybe it will belong to Al Gore. December’s global warming conference in Copenhagen looms like a dark cloud on the horizon – just a few weeks away. The greedy left (and that’s pretty much all of them) is calling for “climate... continue reading