Suits: Relationships 101

Media Research CenterHello, class. Today we are going to learn about dysfunctional relationships courtesy of the dysfunctional characters in Suits.

The first messed up relationship we see is the periodic workplace/messing around whatchamacallit that Louis and his associate head hunter Sheila have. I.. I... I don't even know what to say about this. The narcissism and inappropriate behavior is off the charts. Check out the video below and tell me I'm wrong.

Lesson: Don't be like Louis and miss the obvious signs that your partner wants more commitment from you.

Next up, we have Mike and Rachel who can't come to terms over whether Rachel should leave for Stanford or stay and go to Columbia. #firstfirstworldproblems Ultimately, both sides have reasonable concerns. Mike worries that a long distance relationship won't work, and Rachel feels she needs to choose the best law school for her.

Lesson: Realize that relationships must have compromise and unselfishness, just like Mike and Rachel were able to do at the end.

Finally, we come to the last relationship, Harvey and Scottie. Here we see a classic dysfunctional relationship. Scottie has been hurt in the past by Harvey's inability to open up and love more than just his job.  At the end, Harvey is able to be more open with Scottie, but I am left wondering if this is a brief peak in the valley of his love life.

Lesson: Relationships require vulnerability.

Bonus Lesson: If a guy has been bad to you in the past, ladies, chances are he will be bad to you in the future. (I'm calling it now: Harvey fails miserably in his relationship with Scottie.)