Parks and Rec: Twittergate

This week was full of classic laughs from the Parks and Rec gang, minus Ann, Andy, and Jerry (or Gary or Larry?).  Here are some moments where I caught myself chuckling:

At Tom for speaking in a British accent as a way to appeal to a girl way out of his league. Also, his use of bureaucracy as a delay tactic.

At April for running off with the extra question mark stickers to “put them on stop signs.”

At Leslie for giving Donna a basket full of nail polish along with a schedule of which day they were going to wear each color. “Now, I would like you to open each one in front of me, and tell me how you feel about them individually.” #psychoboss

At Ron for telling his first joke ever!

Ben: Thinking about how to divide up your possessions for when you die, it's tough, confronting your own mortality, and I think it's got you spinning a little bit. Am I right? 

Ron: Wow. I had not considered that. Yes, I think that maybe you are on to something.

Ben: Yeah. Just know that it's perfectly healthy to be thinking about-- oh, you're joking.

Ron: Yes, son, I am. First joke ever. 

At Donna and her twitter account—“Look, the only reason I'm even on twitter is to blow off steam about work and tweet nasty stuff to dudes with washboard abs.”

At Ben for thinking accountants are “a little more bad boy” than lawyers.

Which scene wins for biggest laugh? It has to be this little exchange between Chris and Leslie. It involves the phrase “isn’t language fun?!”