Nick and Jess and Their Exes

The theme of this episode is all about sex — whether Jess denies her ex is still in love with her or the boys trying to “score” while giving each other personal space. 

After saying their first “I love you” at a party with Prince (yes, there was a Prince cameo in the last episode), this week Nick and Jess settle an argument over the classic question of whether men and women can be “just friends.” Unsurprisingly Nick wins after Jess realizes her ex-boyfriend was just pretending to be a reliable, attentive friend — because he wanted to leave his wife for Jess. 

The other three boys spend the episode trying to use Schmidt’s new solo loft as a hook-up space—all at the same time. As you would guess, the plan backfires and two of the women storm out. But not before Schmidt explains how each piece of furniture in his new place has a sexual purpose. 

While it was sweet how the episode forced Nick to tell Jess he fell in love with her the moment she walked in the loft, there were way too many sexual innuendos than necessary. Even for Schmidt.