Marvel's Vigilantes of SHIELD

Last week, you might remember, I predicted a Ward Redemption storyline. And oooohhhh, I was so close to vindication.

When Garrett ordered Ward to kill FitzSimmons and Ward hesitated, I sat forward. When Fitz's plea connected with Ward, I started hoping. When we got flashbacks to Ward's first bout with compassion after Garrett ordered him to kill the dog who had helped him survive, I was sure. WARD REDEMPTION HERE WE COME!!!

Alas, it was not to be... this episode at least.

In case you were wondering, yes that is defiance you see in my words. Some lesser hearts might fold at this point, but not I. I'm gonna double down. I think this episode completely plays into a Ward Redemption narrative.

Let's look at the evidence starting with Ward's flashback. Young Ward can't bring himself to shoot his dog at close range. Apparently he is not that base. Then we see him tracking his dog through a scope, but do we see a dead dog or hear a rifle shot? I say no. The dog is never shown as a bloodied corpse, and while there is a loud noise right as the flashback shifts into the present, the noise occurs at the same time Ward jettisons FitzSimmons into the ocean. I think the noise was just the gears cranking into action, and Ward never shot the dog.

This leads into the second bit of evidence that a Ward Redemption narrative is in play: the jettisoning. The dots here are almost too easy to connect. One, Fitzsimmons get dropped from a low altitude making survival much more likely. Two, they get dumped over the ocean. Water>land to be dropped into with speed - just ask NASA. Three, as with the dog, there is no visual confirmation of death. If a TV show wants a character dead, they shoot him in the face, otherwise expect a comeback.

Are you seeing the picture these dots make? I'll hedge just a little bit and admit the Redemption narrative may not conclude this season, but I'm betting that vindication for my prediction is coming.