Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: The End of the Beginning

Marvel's Agents of SHIELDI have questions. Not about the clairvoyant. That chick was always kind of annoying and giving Coulson difficulty. That makes sense. No, my questions are about Deathlok, a.k.a. Mike Peterson.

First, how evil do I have to become to get such a cool nickname? Can someone create a bad guy name generator on the web that doesn't suck? I could spend hours on that sight if it churned out names like Deathlok. The names I got on the websites that a quick Google search ("bad guy name generator") either sucked or were too specifically designed for games like Dungeons and Dragons. Not a bad game, but not the type of bad guy names I was hoping to generate. Make this happen internet (or someone at least point me in the right direction).

Second, why doesn't he have a helmet? Awesome metal chest protector? check. Exposed arms? Dude's got some insane venom-y thing that heals him and keeps him strong, so getting shot in the arm isn't the end of the world. Helmet? Naw, a headshot is totally not a game ender. Headshots don't normally kill, right?

Oh wait, I know why he doesn't have a helmet... BECAUSE SHIELD REFUSES TO SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD BECAUSE STUPIDITY!!! I get that they are the good guys, and good guys typically don't kill the bad guys (especially by shooting them), but after the first three shots deflect off of the chest protector of impenetrability, you would think people would start to look for a more lethal target. An exposed head would do quite the trick on that account.

I don't get how these basic flaws in story telling don't get fixed during the shooting of a scene. It's a shame too because it detracted from what was really a compelling episode - fast-paced, constant turns and some important questions yet to be answered. Those unanswered questions should be the questions viewers are left thinking about, and not why you wouldn't shoot at the only obviously unprotected and lethal area of a destructive fighting machine. Get it together people!