Golden Globes 2014: Socially Accepted Insanity

                                                                                     Golden Globes 2014

So it wasn’t Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Well, it wasn’t your grandmother’s Golden Globes either.

Everyone knows the Golden Globes are the party of the year for A-list movie stars and their television equivalents. Once a year TV and film rub shoulders at an open bar as they feign excitement for their competition’s success, and “women and gay men” sit at home and watch.

A handful of bleeped moments caught by the NBC producers were honestly not the most disturbing part of the evening. From Amy Poehler’s joke that “Masters of Sex” was the degree she got from Boston College, to the detailed description of Jared Leto’s shaving regimen for Dallas Buyers Club, to Julie Bowen and Seth Meyers suggesting they were hired as prostitutes by the Hollywood Foreign Press—it seemed like a room full of booze and nervous laughter.

While the show itself had its faults (seemingly inebriated speeches, sexual innuendos, way too much cleavage), the most shocking comments were made referencing one of the nominees for best drama,The Wolf of Wall Street. In the opening monologue, hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey spent a full minute on graphic jokes about the “number of big movies [that] use[d] prosthetic genitals this year,” and then bragged on The Wolf of Wall Street for beating the record for most number of “f words” in three hours (it’s 506, by the way).

To sum it all up, a producer from the Golden Globe winning freshman sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, told the audience he almost became a doctor, but winning this award was “better than saving a human life.” A drunken joke or a revealing moment of truth—for his sake, let’s hope the former.

Because no one wants to relive the cheap sexual jokes and bleeped out moments, enjoy one of the truly funny moments of the night.