Forever: A Well-done Reboot of an Old Idea

ABC's pilot episode about a man who can't seem to die brings new life to a plot that ended up dying on Fox in 2008 after just 8 episodes. So far, ABC has managed to change some of the crucial plot flaws that hurt the original. Although not marketed as a reboot, the overarching storylines between both ABC's "Forever" and Fox's "New Amsterdam" are remarkably similar.

The premise is simple enough: a Revolutionary War era man does a good deed, ends up killed for it, and then is miraculously resurrected with the caveat that he can't die again. In "New Amsterdam," John Amsterdam had to find true love before the cycle could be broken a lot of unsatisfactory plot points (is it true love this time? Are we supposed to be happy for him when he dies?). "Forever" plays no such games with its audience. Ioan Gruffudd delivered a remarkable performance as Dr. Henry Morgan, who has found true love over the years, and who, thankfully, isn't determined to die. Because of this, Morgan happily lacks a lot of the self-loathing of John Amsterdam. Better yet, this series adds an arch-nemesis for Morgan to face off with, one who seems to have as many mysteries as Morgan himself.

So far the writing and casting seem entertaining, but you can very rarely tell how a show will be from just one episode. If the rest of the season stays at the same caliber as the pilot, this show should have no problem being renewed for a second season.