The Crazy Ones Take Cheap Shots

“Hugging the Now” was, at its core, a great little episode about Simon and his daughter both wanting to feel loved. Unfortunately, it was wrapped in a slew of bad attempts to come up with a slogan for an erectile dysfunction pill—fourteen attempts, to be exact. After about ten in a row, Simon tells Zach and Andrew, “Just 'cause you guys high-five at the end of a bad pitch doesn't make it a winner.”

I have to agree with Simon: bad pitch. It seemed like the writers emptied their erectile dysfunction joke box onto the scene, and they didn’t land. It’s enough that we have the culturally expected stream of sexual innuendos for a sitcom, but hitting us over the head with it doesn’t make it any funnier. No laughing from this audience member; just eye-rolling.

Meanwhile, as the team is trying to sell the drug, Simon is trying to convince the team he doesn’t need the drug.

“I’m not an old man, and I don’t need a pill to prove it!”

I could get on a soapbox and talk about our culture’s fear of embracing aging, but we’ll save that for another day.

For all their “bad pitches,” The Crazy Ones hasn’t lost me yet. I just wish they would give up on the cheap shots and give this great comedic team the comedy they deserve.