Camp: Almost Over, Still No Redeeming Qualities

NBC left no line uncrossed in this week’s episode of “Camp.” The writers introduced a completely non-relevant side storyline that involved Robbie meeting a French couple looking for a waterfall. When they get to the waterfall, they spend the night, take hallucinogenic drugs, and have an implied threesome. It’s shown to be a good thing that helps Robbie move on from his recent break-up with Sarah. Throughout the series, NBC has messaged to the targeted teenage audience that homosexual marriage is good and will prevail eventually, (hard) drugs happen and have no repercussions, underage drinking is fun, sex is constant, and that threesomes are totally great. The only repercussion was Marina’s pregnancy scare, but hey, it was just a scare, so carouse on, counselors!

With only one episode left (Thank God), NBC can’t redeem itself. A series of non-starter plot lines weakly woven together have merely given NBC an excuse to have a platform to bring a series of social messages to a teenage audience. It’s time to come home from “Camp,” and hang out at the “Parks and Rec.”