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Liberal Outcry Forces Obama to Replace Inauguration Reverend

So-called ‘anti-gay’ comments disqualify Giglio.
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Baptist Site Asks ‘What if Jesus Were Gay?’

Christ was a secular liberal? Who knew?
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Top 5 Movies: 65 Violent Scenes, 185 Victims

When a weekend at the movies is a bloodbath, stars should rethink calls for gun control.  
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‘Gangster Squad,’ ‘Expendables’, ‘Chainsaw’: Hollywood’s Violent Hypocrisy

New noire flick and others call into question stars’ gun control advocacy.  
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Fiscal Cliff Deal’s $4 Trillion Price Tag Ignored by 5 out of 6 Shows

On day of the deal only one of the network morning and evening shows mentioned the hefty cost of the deal because of the lack of spending cuts.
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Networks Nearly Mum on Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom Suit

Finally, an Obama victory the broadcast networks aren’t celebrating.
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Reba McEntire Excited Her New Show Is Full of Gay Content

ABC sitcom laden with lefty agenda themes.
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Honest Barry? Media Hype Comparisons of Obama to Lincoln

MSNBC, others lament Obama’s ‘terrible trials and struggles to make changes’ just like Lincoln.
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Fiscal Cliff: ABC Talks Taxes 17 Times More Than Spending Cuts

 All three broadcast networks focus more on tax increases as solution to budget battle. 
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Environmentalists Push for Downsizing … to 200-Sq. Ft. Homes

Media reports ignore micro living is pushed by environmentalists.
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