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Media Join Petition against ‘Fear Mongering’ Duggar Family

A petition battle begins over the Duggar family.
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Tolerance: Gays Force San Fran Wedding Photographers to Close Shop

The Bay Area family-run business shut down to due threats, harassment.
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PETA Plans Naked Protest During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Nude and crude seems to be the theme of the animal rights group protests.
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ESPN Host Claims ‘Double Standard’ for Female NCAA Coaches

Demands to know why U of Iowa has fired women coaches.
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Russell Brand Connects Income Inequality to Ferguson

$20 million far-left actor also promotes wealth redistribution, claims U.S. and U.K. governments are ‘run for corporations.’
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Book Review: Strategies for Surviving Scandal in the Internet Age

In his book “Glass Jaw,” Eric Dezenhall discusses how to react to the growing power of the internet and instant scandals.
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Stewart Calls Out Pelosi on Hypocrisy: ‘Just as Politically Craven as Male Counterparts’

The liberal talk host doesn’t buy ‘precedent’ excuse over Duckworth vote.
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Washington Post: When Will GOP ‘Stop Worrying and Love Obamacare?’

Post suggests Obamacare’s ‘biggest obstacle’ is ‘public image,’ ignores premium hikes, downgraded enrollment forecasts.
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Alternet Writer Suggests Moms Are ‘Environmental Villains’

Mom feels guilty about ‘environmental impact of procreation.’
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Feminists: Stop ‘Slut-Shaming Because ‘Sluts Don’t Exist’

Media praise viral feminist video claiming there are no sluts.
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