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Feminist Media Backlash: Abortion Legislation ‘Punishing Women’

Feminist media lament 20-week abortion ban.
Media Research Center

Pro-Choice Actresses Celebrate Mother's Day

Celebrities supporting abortion, Planned Parenthood celebrate life.
Media Research Center

Golden Globe Actress Calls Abortion Barriers ‘Fundamentally Wrong’

Kathleen Turner bashes the pro-life personhood movement.
Media Research Center

Media Two-Faced on Brain-Dead Pregnant Mothers

‘Fetus’ vs. ‘Baby’ again.
Media Research Center

‘Comedy’: Amy Schumer Compares Birth Control to Gun Rights

Liberals being clever.
Media Research Center

Feminist Media Hail Satanists for Deeming Abortion a ‘Religious Belief’

Media, Satanists joining together for abortion and to mock religious exemptions.
Media Research Center

Planned Parenthood Prez: Abortion ‘The Key to Women’s Opportunity’

Richards cheerleads for infanticide in TIME.
Media Research Center

Dr. Alveda King: Cosmo Helping ‘Line the Pockets’ of Abortion Industry

Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. says PP and Cosmo are leading girls to abortion.
Media Research Center

Hearst Granddaughter: Playboy More ‘Responsible’ Than Cosmo

‘Cosmo Harms Minors’ campaign launched in Washington, D.C.
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