ABC Continues Plugging Obama's Health Care Plan

In a preview of Wednesday night's infomercial, 'Good Morning America' gives unbalanced report on universal health care.

Sawyer Defends ABC Health Care Special: 'It is Not an Infomercial'

'Good Morning America' co-host defends special on CNN; calls health care the most important issue.

Obama Pushes Gov. Health Care; ABC Responds with 'Prescription for America' Coverage from White House

Networks balance reports on AMA speech, but ABC outrages public with week of health care coverage, 'World News,' 'GMA' to be aired from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What We Would Ask: Questions about Obama's health care plan

Conservative and free market experts supply questions for the upcoming ABC special 'Prescription for America.'

New Report Shows Slanted Coverage of Chemical BPA

Statistical Assessment Service details flaws in media coverage of bisphenol A.

Times Food Writer Doesn't Trust Food

Food writer Kim Severson claims E. coli is "a constant in the food supply" and passes along a filmmaker-activist's suggestions on combatting "Food, Inc.": "Plant a garden. Cook a meal for the ...

On ABC, Billionaire Pete Peterson Calls for Health Care Sacrifice

'Good Morning America' lets the tough questions go.

Washington Post Article on 'Broken Health System' also Broken

Connolly misstates actual number needing heath insurance, doesn't label liberal group.

Choking Freedom of Choice: Policing Soda, French Fries, Smoking?

Guests on FNC raise health questions: To what extent should government coerce people into healthy lifestyles?
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