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Two Gender Bending Reality Shows to Air this Summer

Shows say more about atrocious parenting than gender identity.
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HuffPo’s ‘Cliteracy’ Project: Praising the Clitoris and Little Girl Masturbation

HuffPo makes the clitorus at priority. Really.
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Modern Family’s ‘Cam Tucker’ Claims to have the Pope’s Vote

Vatican comments twisted again to favor gay agenda.
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Anti-Christian Bigot and Bully Dan Savage Talks up Being ‘Kind, considerate.’

In Newsweek, $1 magazine gets Savage’s 2 cents on ‘future of sex.’
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Dan Savage-Inspired ‘Real O’Neals’ Just as Anti-Catholic as You Imagined

Trailer full of tired anti-Catholic, anti-traditional family gags.
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The Horror: Jessica Valenti Terrorized on Subway by ‘Passively Sexist’ Twitter Feed

Nosy feminist + mass transit Twitter use = ‘Dumbest tweet of the year.’  
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ABC, CBS Censor Study Showing Babies Viable at 22 Weeks

NYT front-page-worthy story ‘could affect the abortion debate.’
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HuffPo: Celebrate ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ With Abortion

Blogger insists all moms were ‘angry mothers’ before abortion made legal.
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‘Comedy’: Amy Schumer Compares Birth Control to Gun Rights

Liberals being clever.
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HuffPo Gay Editor: Calls for ‘Intolerance’ Toward ‘Antigay’ Media

Signorile calls for discrimination against conservative, Christian ‘bigots.’
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