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Make way for Grey: 50 Shades from the Perv’s Perspective

‘As anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story.’
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‘Grace and Frankie’ Casts Sheen, Waterston as Homo-Septuagenarians

Netflix ‘comedy’ about divorce, infidelity and homosexuality.
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High-Schools Partner with Planned Parenthood to Paint ‘Care’ Mural

Media praise abortion mill’s community involvement.
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Taxpayer-Funded PBS Pushes Teaching Sex-Ed to 4-Year-Olds

PBS finds something else those enlightened Europeans can teach us.
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Adorable! Chris Pratt Teaches 2-Year-Old Son Pledge of Allegiance

Actor teaches his son the pledge for Memorial Day.
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Actress Tells Teens She’s ‘Eternally Grateful’ for Planned Parenthood

Teen Vogue pushes abortion mill to readers.
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NBC ‘Sports’ Helps Bully Clemson Coach Out of Family Group Appearance

What’s helping broken families compared to running afoul of the LGBT agenda?
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Game of Thrones Books Boast 4 Times More Rape than TV Show

Tumblr user discovers vile show could be … a lot more vile.
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‘How Many Times’ will Lewd Rap Songs be Popular?

Billboard's new filth-filled hit.
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Houston Chronicle Fib: Ted Cruz Says Dems Forcing ‘All Americans’ into Gay Marriage

Reporter Twists Ted, sorta kinda retracts.
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