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Lefty Valentine’s Day! Condom Candy, Lesbian Rape, and Ethical Chocolate

How the Left likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
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BuzzFeed Mocks Pope Benedict XVI in ‘Gayest’ Photos

Talk about a media machine. Pope Benedict XVI announces his retirement and the press devour the information only to toss out stories dripping with Nazis connotations, sex abuse scandals, female ...
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Networks Ignore FRC Shooter’s Use of SPLC ‘Hate Map’

ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN hide latest on shooting at conservative group.  
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 14-Year-Old Drag Queens and HIV Testing

Why on earth would the Boy Scouts be reluctant to accept gays?  
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WaPo: If Scouts Go Gay, How About Atheist?

No good (or at least spineless) deed goes unpunished. As the news broke that the Boy Scouts of America is considering allowing local charters to decide whether  to admit homosexual scouts and ...
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Virtual Reality! Networks Cover Manti Te’o 521 Times More than March for Life

ABC, CBS, NBC devote nearly two-and-a-half hours to fictional girlfriend; just 17 seconds to event 500,000 attend.
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Sundance’s Festival of Seedy Sex

The 2013 Sundance Festival just wrapped, and it had a common theme that even liberal news outlets like USA Today, ABC , and NPR pick up on. Nine of the festival’s feature films revolve around teen ...
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HuffPo: Obama Inaugural Ignored Rights of Transgendered Preteens

Eleven-year-old ‘Sadie’ wants a nod from the president.
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Cosmo: ‘Cool’ Women Go to Strip Clubs

Magazine encourages young women to follow the latest strip club trend.
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Dunham Needs Third ‘Girls’ Season to Air New Sex Positions

Given show's content, hard to know if she's joking.
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