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Media Overreact, Claims Pope ‘OK with Gays’

Pope’s comment, consistent with Church teaching, blown out of proportion by press.  
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Hollywood’s ‘The To Do List’: ‘Sometimes Sex Is Just Sex’

Tinseltown progress: Now female teens can have sex without consequences.
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Forced Abortions in China Harm Economy with Too Few Workers

Businesses learn downside of radical anti-human policies.
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Oxford Dictionary to Adopt Gay-Friendly Marriage Definition

In wake of gay marriage legalization in Britain, OED caves to gays.
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‘Camp’ Short on Dads, Laughs

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Salon Celebrates Young Girl’s Obscene Pro-Abortion Sign

Leftie site praises ‘awesome’ kid with explicit sign Texas bill.
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HuffPo Hypes Hopes Royal Baby Will be Gay

Poll shows support for little prince if he’s gay.
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Gays Stage ‘Kiss-In’ to Protest Pope

Gay rights activists get obscene at World Youth Day in Brazil.
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