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ABC Celebrates Gay NBA Player, Still Ignores Gosnell

Three network shows fawn over gay athlete.    
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'Suburgatory' Versus Purity

Not having a ball with purity balls.
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Slate Embraces Slippery Slope: Legalize Polygamy Too

Gay marriage advocates have frequently scoffed at conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum who say legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to the classification of other relationships as ...
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Comic Books 2013: Truth, Justice & the American Gay

DC and Marvel aggressively push homosexual agenda.  
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CMI On TV -- 'New Normal' Season Finale: Divorce Good for Kids; Priest does Gay Marriage

Fitting end to lefty show's first season.
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HuffPo: 'Christian' Label Holds Baggage for Star

Marcus Mumford doesn't call himself Christian. HuffPo applauds.
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ABC Family Leads the Way in All Things Gay

New lesbian foster couple show will fit right in with network’s idea of ‘family.’
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HuffPo Hypes Condom Art Portrait of Benedict XVI

Portrait critiques Church, ‘promotes sexual diversity.’  
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‘Glee’ on the Gridiron?

Sports, news journalists obsessed with homosexuality in athletics.  
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CBS, Lefty Sites Quick to Slam New Pope

Is Pope Catholic? To media chagrin, yes.
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