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Facebook Group Claims ‘Virgin Mary Should Have Aborted’

Christians call for Facebook to remove offensive page.
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HuffPo Live Wants to Gay Up Catholic Colleges

All-gay panel talk how to push gay agenda on Catholic campuses.
Media Research Center

ABC to Air Gay-Rights Miniseries

Show to be ‘semi-autobiographical’ account from gay screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.
Media Research Center

HuffPo Hypes ‘Ancient Christian Gay Marriages’

Pushing digital book, HuffPo rehashes old claim as news.
Media Research Center

Networks Silent about Manning’s ‘Gay Soldier’ Defense

Nets mentioned leaker’s sexuality just 6.4 percent of the time, and haven’t since 2011.
Media Research Center

Media Censor: Pope’s Real Message on Women in the Church

Francis ‘closed the door’ on women priests, but said women “more important” than priests.
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USA Today Flubs it: Pope ‘Closed Door’ on Women Priests

Hard copy paper misrepresent Pontiff, online version fixes it.
Media Research Center

Media Overreact, Claims Pope ‘OK with Gays’

Pope’s comment, consistent with Church teaching, blown out of proportion by press.  
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Oxford Dictionary to Adopt Gay-Friendly Marriage Definition

In wake of gay marriage legalization in Britain, OED caves to gays.
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Consumed by Royal Baby Watch, Nets Ignore Violent Jihad Against Mid-East Christians

ABC, CBS, NBC talked pregnancy 110 times; never mentioned escalating anti-Christian violence.
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