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Updated: NY Times Hyped Pope Abuse Cover-Up Questions, Buried Them for New CEO

Paper showed far less interest in new boss’ possible cover-up of BBC sex abuse.
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CNN Belief Blog: ‘Catholic Bishops’ Election Behavior Threatens Their Authority’

Displays false moral equivalence between abortion and religious liberty.  
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USA Today Surprised Chick-Fil-A Didn’t Suffer from ‘PR Nightmare’

PR execs confounded by chain’s success after ‘disaster.’
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WaPo Contributor Complains Media Haven’t Discussed Mormonism

In spirit of ‘dialogue,’ poses ridiculous questions to Romney about his faith
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Comparing Catholics Ryan and Biden, WaPo Columnist Chides Pro-Life “Fox News Bishops”

Raises false rift between liberal, conservative Catholics.
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‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Comes Under Suspicion of Forgery, Media Bury

Networks completely ignore new evidence, New York Times hides it.
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Liberal Websites Bash Steven Crowder for Not Having Pre-Marital Sex

Call his story the ‘stupidest Fox News column ever.’
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Media Hype Scrap of Papyrus Claiming Jesus Had a Wife

Does one fragment of papyrus “about the size of a small cellphone” contradict centuries of Christian tradition that hold that Jesus was not married?  
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Surrealist Theology at the Huffington Post: ‘What I Learned About Drag Queens From the Gospel’

Left-wing website anoints transgender TV stars as ‘theologians.’
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Islam’s Media Apologists Keep Excusing, Ignoring Violence

On Sept. 11, 2012, riots erupted in Egypt, Libya and now Yemen, ostensibly over what the media call an anti-Muslim Youtube video made in America. In Bengazi, militants murdered the United ...
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