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Networks Nearly Mum on Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom Suit

Finally, an Obama victory the broadcast networks aren’t celebrating.
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Gay Channel ‘Logo’ Celebrates ‘7 Days of Holiday Sin’

‘This holiday season be bad for goodness sake.’
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Denis Leary: ‘Merry F***in’ Christmas’

Book twists childhood stories with profanity, pedophilia, drug use and alcoholism.
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WaPo ‘On Faith’ Blogger Compares Gun Lobby to ‘Moloch’

Claims ‘Americans trust their guns, not God.’
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Special Report: Taking Christ out of Christmas

Secularist Grinches have long sought to obscure “the reason for the season.” But censorship of Christianity is increasingly a media mission for all seasons.
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Jason Biggs Tweets Profanity to the Pope

Biggs still associated with Nickelodeon despite nasty sex filled tweets.
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Lena Dunham Named One of ‘Glamour Magazine’s’ Women of the Year

Dunham rewarded for sleazy show ‘Girls’ and Obama virginity ad.
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GMA Gleeful Over Tebow Criticism

Burns valuable air time to highlight teammates’ criticism, declares him ‘more tarnished by the day.
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New York Times Turns Up Heat on New Chief Executive Mark Thompson -- With Caveats

New story raises serious questions, but Times' outrage still doesn't approach its Catholic Church levels.
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J. Crew President Lyons Comes Out of Closet

CMI caused controversy by pointing out gender-bending ad featuring Lyons’ son.
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