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CNN’s Belief Blog: ‘Can ‘True Catholics’ Support Same Sex Marriage?’

Article calls support of ‘marriage equality’ a ‘bold step.’
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WaPo Tells Parable of Activist Nun to Slam Catholic Hierarchy

Henneberger repeats tired tale of nuns vs. hierarchy, rewrites history.
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True Blood: God Is a Vampire

Erotic vampire blood-fest introduced vampire ‘bible’ with allusions to Christians as extremist vampire group.
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Liberal Media Cheer on Pro-Gay Discrimination

Governments in America, abroad practice pro-gay discrimination, press approves.
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‘Ethical Sluts’: CNN Health Promotes Promiscuity, Demeans Monogamy

‘Safe sex’ the only stipulation for sexuality counselor Kerner.
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‘True Blood’ Creator Says Conservatives Are the Same as Vampires

Undead raunch show’s fifth season will include vampire extremist group as allegory for Christians and GOP.
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Political Cartoonist: Contraception Debate’s About Controlling You

Anti-Catholic cartoon features old priest ‘confessing’ to woman.
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HuffPo, The View Blame Sexism, Politics for Vatican Denunciation of Nun’s Book

Whoopi Goldberg claims women ‘Not somebody you own anymore.’
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LA Times Supports Planned Parenthood Partnership with Local School District

Contraceptives now widely available on high school campuses in LA County, no parental consent required.
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The End of Religion? HuffPo Writer Claims Atheism Will Triumph by 2038

Cites economic advancement as death knell of religion, uses shoddy assumptions and data.
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