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In NY Times, Law Prof on Polygamy: ‘Is There Any Magic Power in the Number Two?'

‘The real force of the polygamy question is a lesson in humility.’
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Abortionist: Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Nucatola Like ‘Jesus Before Crucifixion’

 Dr. Willie Parker applauds friend and colleague Dr. Nucatola.
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5 Fruitcake Feminist Phenomena the Press Promulgates

Woe unto clean-shaven slut shamers!
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New Digital Media Cater to Pot Heads, Social Justice Warriors

News audience wants an ‘America that isn’t dominated by old white men’
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SHOCK VIDEO: Taxpayer-Funded Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts

 Pro-life leaders denounce Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts.
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Serena Williams: ‘I Have to Give Thanks to Jehovah God’

Wimbledon victor points to faith as reason for success. 
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County Clerks Resign Nationwide After Gay Marriage Ruling

 From Mississippi to Tennessee, gov. officials are resigning to follow their faith.
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Muslim Scholar: ‘We Have to Embrace’ Gay Marriage

CNN’s latest TV show host shares controversial interpretations of Quran, Constitution.
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Pope Rejects Communist Crucifix from Bolivia President: ‘That’s Not Right’

 Pope Francis isn’t happy about Pres. Morales’ gift.
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ABC Gives Russell Wilson ‘Kudos’ for Sex Abstinence, Amid ESPN Backlash

GMA applauds Wilson while other media bash him.
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