California Environmental Lawsuit Costs 1,000 Jobs

Eco groups and Chevron halt talks on reviving a project to upgrade a refinery near San Francisco.

'Green Anarchist' Trumpets 'Roadkill' Diet to Save Mother Earth

Scavenging for dead animals killed by the 'car culture' described as the more 'ecological choice.'

Washington Post and Environmentalism: Yesterday's Fix is Today's Crisis

Writer laments that an environmental remedy has backfired.

Dean: Low-Income People Hurt by Cap-and-Tax Will Recoup Cost with Less Asthma Emergency Room Visits

CNBC contributor claims the low-ball figure of $40 a year lost by low-income households due to cap-and-trade will be made up with lower medical costs.

No Dissent, No Cost Questions in Cap-and-Trade Coverage

John Broder mostly ignored skeptics and lowballed the cost of the Democrat's climate change bill.

Deutsche Bank Launches 'Carbon Counter' Over Madison Square Garden

Bank calls for astounding $45 trillion over the next 40 years to be put toward 'renewable energy.'

Sam Champion's New Climate Alarmism Toy

ABC's weatherman plugs the 'carbon counter.'

John Broder Completely Swallows Alarmist Global Warming Report

The Times shows no skepticism about a White House report that blames global warming for increased rainfall and "more powerful tropical storms."

'Nightly News': Don't Let the Mild Weather Fool You, There's Still Global Warming

NBC environmental correspondent defends global warming alarmism, suggesting warm weather is on the way.

Climatologist Blames Global Warming for Air France Crash

Alexei Kokorin, climatologist for Russia's WWF's Climate Program says 'frequency and severity' of severe weather conditions near crash site is higher due to global warming.
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