Population: 7 Billion Reasons to Panic this Halloween

Milestone causes alarm among left-wing population control proponents, media allies.

Times Again Tries to Attract IRS Attention to Conservative Nonprofit

Evan Lehmann, reporter for Times-affiliated Climate Wire, throws out some red meat for the IRS: "The conservative nonprofit Americans for Prosperity unleashed a volley of ads aimed at Democrats in ...

Networks Call Solyndra 'Headache' for Obama, But No Problem for Green Jobs Policies

ABC, CBS and NBC all report on scandal surrounding failed solar company, but refuse to criticize the loan program it utilized.

Washington Post: Obama Green Jobs Cost $5 Million Each

Will networks report massive cost for failed program?

Enviro Reporter Rosenthal to China and India: Just Sweat It Out

Elisabeth Rosenthal says let them sweat, in the name of the planet: "As more people in more countries come to rely on air-conditioning, the idea of thermal comfort may need to be rethought to curb ...

Reporter Justin Gillis Again Uses Natural Disaster to Promote 'Climate Change'

Of course: "The scale of Hurricane Irene, which could cause more extensive damage along the Eastern Seaboard than any storm in decades, is reviving an old question: are hurricanes getting worse ...

Networks Barely Criticize Obama's Disastrous 'Green Jobs' Policies

Criticism excluded from 92 percent of network news reports, despite bankruptcies of federally subsidized companies.

Times Calls Rick Perry Critic 'Republican Activist,' Leaves Off His Far-Left Environmental Activism

Ashley Parker's report on Rick Perry featured six paragraphs on a global warming discussion between Perry and N.H. citizen Jim Rubens, described by Parker as a a Republican activist and high-tech ...

Broder 'Bashes' Republican Opposition to the E.P.A., Suggest GOP Mere Handmaiden to Industry

John Broder: "Opposition to regulation and skepticism about climate change have become tenets of Republican orthodoxy...But while attacks on the E.P.A., climate-change science and environmental ...

Environmentalists to Civilization: Drop Dead!

Radical environmentalists call for destruction of industrialized civilization and agriculture, demand return to primitive living.
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