Times' Attack on Natural Gas Industry Just Smoke and Hot Air, Industry Analysts Say

Christopher Helman at Forbes found Urbina's accusations of low reserves, false claims, and too-high extraction costs absurd on its face. The United States is currently producing more natural gas ...

Obama Backs EPA War on Coal, While Networks Ignore Harm to Industry

Major utility announces proposal to retire power plants, layoff workers and spend billions to comply with 'pending' regulations.

Sidebar to Special Report: Science Fiction

Live Earth: NBC Joins Fight for 'Climate in Crisis,' Fails to Stay Objective

Networks Treated Good Friday, Earth Day as Equals

ABC, CBS and NBC split coverage of eco-celebration and Christian holy day.

Finally: Bloomberg BusinessWeek Adds Balance to Media Coverage of Chevron/Ecuador Dispute

Magazine's 'Jungle Justice' story gives extensive treatment of both sides of protracted legal battle.

Times Quotes Biologist Likening Cats to Kudzu

In a story about hazards to birds, the Times quotes a biologist who won't make many friends among cat-lovers: "They are like gypsy moths and kudzu - they cause major ecological disruption."

No Nukes: How Three Mile Island was Disaster for Media Credibility

More than 30 years later, nuclear accident shows how media hype can make a bad situation far worse.

Rosenthal Tackles Liberal NIMBYism on the Environment

After writing on how everything is global warming's fault, Elisabeth Rosenthal faults liberals for talking a good game on the environment, until things get too close: "Park Slope, Brooklyn. Cape ...

'Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down' - Will Your Home Survive Global Warming?

Reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal rushes in where scientific consensus fears to tread: "Global warming is most likely responsible, at least in part, for the rising frequency and severity of extreme ...

First Fluoridated Water, Now Fireplaces: Everything's a Hazard in the NYT Home Section

Some truly goofy articles have appeared on the front of the Home section appealing to easily freaked-out liberal urbanites: Warnings over fluoridated water, celebrated a no impact couple living ...
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