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The Uncertainty Problem and the Great Recession

Government intervention has businesses on hold and keeps job growth sluggish.
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Just in Time for Election, Media Forecast Falling Gas Prices

Journalists continue to make predictions about gas prices despite being consistently wrong.
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4 Out of 5 Investors Say Romney Presidency Would Be Better for Market, Economy

Barron’s: Despite left’s predications of end of world if GOP candidate wins, investors hopeful new prez could turn things around.
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Upside Down Economics

Despite much better economy, networks blamed President Bush more than President Obama for financial troubles.  
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Economy Would Have Been Worse Without Obama, Networks Conclude

In 2009 alone, networks say 9-to-1 that economy was better because of president.
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Krugman: ‘GOP Policies Much More Likely to Make Us End up like Greece’

Left-wing economist claims a Romney presidency would cause a double-dip recession.  
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Evolution of Hubris

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Tough Times on Subsidy Street

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Journalists Decry ‘Threat’ to PBS from Romney for ‘Targeting’ Big Bird, Rally to Defense of PBS Subsidy

Liberals, Peggy Noonan noted on Sunday’s This Week roundtable, want Mitt Romney “to be more specific so that you can rouse people against” budget cuts to any program. Indeed, earlier in the ...
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