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Book Review: The Roots of Tea

'Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological origins of the Tea Party Movement' by Michael Patrick Leahy
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WashPost Defends ObamaCare's Constitutionality; But In 1995, Paper Cautioned Congress to 'Demonstrate Some Modesty' On Commerce Clause

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the east, but today the Washington Post defended as constitutional ObamaCare's individual mandate. The mandate is defended by the administration ...
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Hollywood Left Backs Convicted Cop-Killer Mumia with New Documentary

Liberal media ignore Mumia’s heinous crime, plug his new documentary.
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The State of Debate

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Signs of the Times

Greenhouse Attacks 'Arid Absolutism' of Conservative Court's Defense of Free Speech

The paper's former Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse isn't fond of the conservative Supreme Court's expansive view of the First Amendment: "But it's the dissenting opinion of the Burger ...

Media Ignore Labor Attacks on Catholic Colleges

National Labor Relations Board Declare Manhattan and Xavier Colleges 'Lack Substantial Religious Character,' to Force Unionization

Linda Greenhouse Celebrates the Shifting Constitution, Denigrates Free-Speech Decision on Campaign Finance

Linda Greenhouse, the Times' former Supreme Court reporter and confessed liberal, describes the Constitution as a document that moves with the Times: "...the Constitution is a participant in a ...

Why So Cynical? Steinhauer Nitpicks Reading of Country's Founding Document

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer seems a little crabby about Republicans reading the Constitution on the House floor: "If you are a member of the House and you plan to read the text of the ...
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