Networks Gloss Over Geithner's Past, Ignore Criticism

Broadcast journalists pave way for Obama's Treasury Secretary by praising history, forgetting involvement in Lehman collapse.

NBC Laments Bush's Last-Minute Oil Shale Maneuvering

Correspondent Lisa Myers cites actor Robert Redford to prove energy strategy a threat.

Bloomberg: Chocolate's the Cure for Economic Woes

Financial reporter shows cocoa commodities directly correlated to unemployment rate.

Networks Back Big Three Bailout

As with mortgage bailout, broadcast news outlets support government rescue of failing auto makers.

'Evening News' Shows How Green Innovation is Done -- Without Government

Car designer able to create marketable "green" automobile without help from government or large auto manufacturer.

CNN Fights the Free Market Argument

Ali Velshi of 'Your $$$$$,' says critics of regulation could meet 'in a phone booth.'

Velshi Gives Viewers Harsh Dose of Reality on Economic Policy

CNN chief business correspondent warns 'free' market economy may lose freedom, is skeptical of 'fake' green economy.

Networks Start Cheerleading for 'New-New Deal'

Evening news shows have no room for skepticism when there's an economy to nationalize.

'Nightline' Shuns Balance While Blasting CEOs.

ABC's Brian Ross doesn't let fairness get in the way of good have vs. have-not story.

Fox Biz Anchor 'Frustrated' by Misuse of TARP

Alexis Glick says unpredictability of Treasury's bailout is affecting markets.
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