Analysis: Ford CEO 'Green' Road Trip to Cost $23,000 in Lost Wages

CNBC's Macke determines pricetag of Mulally trip from Detroit to Washington via hybrid vehicle a total of $23,485.

Michigan Mayor Says No Auto Bailout Will Mean Depression

Virg Bernero says letting Big Three 'fall by the wayside' will 'hurt national security.'

Cramer: Depression Comparisons are 'Scare Tactics'

CNBC 'Mad Money' host backtracks on Depression warnings, urges calm amid recession.

New York Times Parties 'Like It's 1929'

Times continues media theme of another Great Depression.

'Nightly News' Spins 'Black Friday' Increase as Bad

NBC downplays 7.2 percent hike in holiday sales; previously called sales on the day after Thanksgiving 'a giant barometer on the true state of the economy.'

Networks Gloss Over Geithner's Past, Ignore Criticism

Broadcast journalists pave way for Obama's Treasury Secretary by praising history, forgetting involvement in Lehman collapse.

NBC Laments Bush's Last-Minute Oil Shale Maneuvering

Correspondent Lisa Myers cites actor Robert Redford to prove energy strategy a threat.

Bloomberg: Chocolate's the Cure for Economic Woes

Financial reporter shows cocoa commodities directly correlated to unemployment rate.

Networks Back Big Three Bailout

As with mortgage bailout, broadcast news outlets support government rescue of failing auto makers.

'Evening News' Shows How Green Innovation is Done -- Without Government

Car designer able to create marketable "green" automobile without help from government or large auto manufacturer.
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