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Elizabeth Banks: Birth Control My ‘Number One Advice’ for High School Girls

Actress offers some unique advice to girls.
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NY Times: Transgender Kids’ Lit ‘Part of Fabric of Who We Are’

Gray Lady welcomes trans titles for children.
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FLOTUS in the Fish Eye Lens: Obama Already Done 38% More TV than Bush

With 126 appearances to Laura's 78, TV can't get enough of Michelle.
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MSNBC’s Carmon Asks Miss Piggy: ‘Are You Pro-Choice?’

Miss Piggy is a pro.  
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Ammosexual: (n.) Liberal Slur for 2nd Amendment Enthusiasts

Alternet rags on celebrities with any conservative streak.
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On Belfast Gay Cake, Patrick Stewart takes “Side of the Bakers’

Behold: a liberal being … liberal!
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Daily Beast Celebrates ‘Triumph’ of Soccer’s ‘Samoan Caitlyn’

Being uncomfortable with transgenderism is ‘sexual bigotry.’
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Make way for Grey: 50 Shades from the Perv’s Perspective

‘As anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story.’
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‘Grace and Frankie’ Casts Sheen, Waterston as Homo-Septuagenarians

Netflix ‘comedy’ about divorce, infidelity and homosexuality.
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‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Never Happened, But Networks Keep Using It

Major Hollywood shows like Scandal, Grammys help fan flames of racial protest.
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