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ESPN Host Claims ‘Double Standard’ for Female NCAA Coaches

Demands to know why U of Iowa has fired women coaches.
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Russell Brand Connects Income Inequality to Ferguson

$20 million far-left actor also promotes wealth redistribution, claims U.S. and U.K. governments are ‘run for corporations.’
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Stewart Calls Out Pelosi on Hypocrisy: ‘Just as Politically Craven as Male Counterparts’

The liberal talk host doesn’t buy ‘precedent’ excuse over Duckworth vote.
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Media, Lefty Outlets Wrong about “Interstellar” and Climate Change

From national newspapers to niche publications, global warming routinely connected to ‘vague’ new Nolan film. 
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Breakfast Cereal Contributes to Rape Culture -- Hilarious Video Mocking Feminism

Maybe it is possible to parody modern feminists.
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Lib Bloggers Defend Springsteen’s Anti-War, Anti-Military Songs at Vet’s Day Concert

Unhappy veterans just in denial of their victimhood.
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Former Purity Ring-Wearer Jonas: ‘Sex an Important Part of a Healthy Life’

We get it Nick, you’re all grown up now.
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War On What? ‘Friends’ Actress Dumbfounded When Maher Asks About ‘War on Women’

Liberal host’s question met with crickets and a blank stare.  
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Stevie Wonder Pushes Politics at Madison Square Garden Concert

From the ‘Shut Up and Sing’ File ...
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Class: Nicki Minaj Putts into a Butt for ‘Tribute to Scotland’

Low-brow meets ‘Royal and Ancient.’
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