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Nets Ignore Alleged Rape Inspired by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Finally, something the nets won’t hype about ‘Fifty Shades.’
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New ‘Girls’ Episode: ‘I Can’t Go for a Run Because I Had an Abortion’

Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ calls aborted baby a ‘ball of cells.’
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Hollywood’s War on Success Teaches Youth All the Wrong Lessons

Young audiences hit by barrage of TV and movie negativity about businesses, corporate ethics, capitalism.
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Entertainment News Bashes Conservative Actress Stacey Dash

It’s not Dash but Access Hollywood, E! trolls who are ‘clueless.’
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Hollywood Millionaire Demands Equal Pay at Oscars

Patricia Arquette uses acceptance speech to demand ‘wage equality,’ and equal rights for women.
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Despite its Success, it’s still Worth Protesting ‘50 Shades’

Bondage porn flick made $80 Million last weekend. All the more reason to oppose it.
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HuffPo to Launch its Own ‘Fake News’ Comedy Show

Stepping in to fill Jon Stewart’s void?
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NBC ‘Today’ gives SNL40 11X More Coverage than ISIS Beheading Christians

21 beheaded, Egypt launching airstrikes, and NBC is talking skits and selfies.
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Franco to Star in Hulu’s Sci-Fi JFK Series

Time travel to ‘the grassy knoll’?
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Street Artists Mock Eco-Activists Ed Begley, Jr., RFK Jr. Before Event

Posters of the environmentalists depict them as ‘Saudi Approved,’ in love with ‘Arab oil.’
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