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Starnes Book: Religious Society under ‘Attack from Within’

In ‘God Less,’ Fox reporter talks God in – and out of – America.
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Director: Whatever You Think of ‘Noah’, ‘You’re F***ing Wrong’

Sweet-talking Christians in to see the “least Biblical Biblical film.
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South by South Left: SXSW Honors Chelsea Clinton, Assange, Snowden, Abortionist

Annual media and tech conference draws lefty celebs, radical politics.
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Was Clancy too Conservative for an Oscar Mention?

Author who made Hollywood millions snubbed in remembrance segment.
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Faith and Bible Tales Make Believers of Hollywood

Movies return to God, Good Book for material.
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Matthew McConaughey Thanks God for Oscar

McConaughey shows gratitude to God after winning Best Actor.
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To the Re-education Camp! How Dare a Straight Actor Play Transgender?

Media upset at Leto’s role. ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’
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Oscar Disconnect: Top Box Office Movies Earned 4x More than Nominated Movies

Two thirds of Americans have never even seen a 2014 Best Picture nominee.
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