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It’s Duck (Commander) Season on Lefty Sites

Liberal outlets revile ‘Dynasty’s’ Robertson for his heresy.
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Cosmo’s ‘Holiday Sextacular’ Presents ‘Twelve Days of Sex Moves’

Sleazing up a Christmas classic.
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MRC VP Dan Gainor's Statement to Variety About 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Suspension

Gainor says networks claim to support free speech, actually 'only support free speech they agree with.'
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'Tisn't the Season ...

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Tasteless: New Beyoncé Song Samples Challenger Disaster Audio

Tragic sound bite starts inane pop song.
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Five Years of H8 from NOH8

Pro-gay marriage group has plenty of celebrity h8ers.
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One Year Later: Networks Remember Newtown with 39 Gun Deaths Week Before Anniversary

Do gun-controllers notice network, cable dramas awash in violence?
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Daryl Hannah, Hayden Panettiere, Other Celebs Demand Fracking Ban

Movie and TV stars condemn natural gas drilling, recycle misleading claims.
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Comedian Rips into MSNBC; Calls Sharpton ‘Pig,’ ‘A**hole’

Jim Norton, on HuffPostLive, attacks liberal hypocrisy on race and political correctness.
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