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Natalie Portman to Star in Ruth Bader Ginsburg Feminist Biopic

Hollywood’s mushy take on liberal icons is just plain embarrassing …
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Billboard Music Awards: Carrie Underwood Wins ‘Top Christian Song’

Christian country singer proves faith has an audience.
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USA Today: Redskins Should Never Joke about Pale Faces

Pro tip: don't joke in earshot of sanctimonious sports writers.
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OIL, Still Hollywood’s Favorite Villain

Trailer for fall 2015 ABC TV lineup shows drillers and aspiring oil millionaires as corrupt, ‘dirty.’
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Larry Wilmore Show Cheers Zimmerman Shooting

Attempted murder is comedy for the race-baiting Comedy Central host.
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Dan Savage-Inspired ‘Real O’Neals’ Just as Anti-Catholic as You Imagined

Trailer full of tired anti-Catholic, anti-traditional family gags.
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Larry Wilmore: ‘Muslim’ Is the New ‘Black,’ ‘Gay’

Colbert replacement builds straw men.
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Pro-Choice Actresses Celebrate Mother's Day

Celebrities supporting abortion, Planned Parenthood celebrate life.
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Former RT Anchor Abby Martin Dons ‘F*ck Chris Kyle!’ T-Shirt

Media war against ‘American Sniper’ hero continues.
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Media Applaud ‘Groundbreaking’ Abortion Scene in ABC’s ‘Scandal’

Hit drama moves from condemning rape to praising abortion.
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