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Nicki Minaj, MTV and Pornified Pop

From Madonna to stripper hip, pop goes porn.
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Heresy! Michelle Duggar Doesn’t Think Men Belong in Women’s Rest Rooms

Duggar’s statement on transgenders called “total bullsh*t,” “fear-mongering”
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Slate Writer Asks: ‘Is Kink a Sexual Orientation?’

The LGBT alphabet soup may just get thicker.
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‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Calls Out Show’s Shallow Treatment of Sex

Nick Viall explains his view on sex.
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Lefty Media Love Profane, Anti-Catholic Disney ‘Art’

Gay drug use in the Magic Kingdom? Sign HuffPo up!
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Comedian Seth Meyers Jokes Catholics Are ‘Creepy Perverts’

Catholics serve as humor fodder once again.
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Comedian Jimmy Fallon: Abortion Can Be ‘Lighthearted,’ ‘Funny’

‘Obvious Child’ Star Jenny Slate and Jimmy Fallon joke on 'The Tonight Show.’
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NBC’s 13 Ways to Hype Sister Company’s Kinky ’Fifty Shades of Grey’

Networks, online outlets promote BDSM-glamorizing trailer.
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Five Climate-Change Claims as Ridiculous as Sharknado

Crazy disasters aren’t limited to SyFy channel; the media embrace them too.
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Media Prey Upon Strange New Species: Virgins

Top 10 ways movies, TV treat virginity as feature of a bizarre breed.
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