Bozell's Entertainment Column 2000 Archive

Founder and President of the Parents Television Council, L. Brent Bozell III leads the only Hollywood-based organization dedicated to restoring responsibility to the entertainment industry. The PTC at features the Family Guide to Prime Time Television which aids parents in making informed viewing decisions for their children. Mr. Bozell is a nationally syndicated writer whose work appears in publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, The L.A. Times and National Review. Below is a collection of 2000 Entertainment columns.

December 05
Too 'Queer' or Not 'Queer' Enough?

November 30
Forever Young? Not Even Close

November 21
Times Critic: Just Chill, You Worrywarts

November 14
'Boston Public': Don't Be True to This School

November 09
In Rap, the Dregs Often Rise

November 02
Steve Allen: An Appreciation

October 05
Sydney: Looking Back in Anger, Amusement

September 28
New TV Season: Same Old Same Old

September 12
Family TV: The People and the Pretenders

September 05
'Survivor' and Other Reality Bites

August 29
Teens' Bad Choices: Who's to Blame?

August 15
Cultural Malaise? What Cultural Malaise?

August 08
The Family Hour in the New Millennium

July 11
Did ABC Play Politics With 'MNF'?

June 22
Mel Gibson, Lightning Rod

June 15
Al Gore's Seamy Hollywood Side

June 06
The Post and Others: Rash on Rush

May 30
O the Times! O the Customs! O Canada!

May 16
Youth and the Gathering Gloom

May 05
'The '70s': Smiling Faces Tell Lies

April 26
The Rampant Rollback of Reticence

April 20
At ABC, It's RIP for 'TGIF'

April 11
Has Hollywood Gone Too Far?

April 04
Too Long in the Sun, or Just Wacky?

March 28
Attacking Dr. Laura: A Sign of the Times

March 22
'American Beauty': A Moral Inversion

February 17
Basically, This Cable Is Trash

February 10
Stepping Forward, Stepping Backward

February 01
The Market's New Morality

January 20
Family Values a la L.A.

January 18
Pulling a Fast One: A&E's George Washington

January 11
'Cradle' Rocks Back and Forth