Politico's Simon Speaks of GOP 'War on Women,' Getting Govt 'Into Our Wombs'

Appearing as a subsitute panel member on the Friday, March 2, Inside Washington on PBS, Politico columnist Roger Simon recited the liberal line of attack on Republicans as he theorized that female voters were being turned off from Republicans.

After quoting the Democratic charge of there being a GOP "war on women," moments later he wondered why Republicans were trying to get government 'into our wombs."

As the group theorized about the reasons that poll numbers for Republican presidential candidates were suffering, Simon chimed in:

And there's also a larger price you pay for this. Women, I think, can be said to be increasingly concerned about what Democrats call the Republicans' 'war on women."

Moments later, as the group more directly discussed the recent debate over whether employers should be forced by the government to pay for contraception for their employees through insurance, the Politico columnist added:

The question for some, especially women, is: Why do the Republicans want to get government out of our lives, but into our wombs? I mean, it's more than contraception and reproductive rights, as the Supreme Court ruled decades ago. It is a matter of privacy whether the government can intrude upon your privacy to force you into doing or not doing certain medical acts.