Networks Ignore Criticism of Obama Attending Fundraisers Amid International Crises

While NBC, ABC, and CBS have provided wall-to-wall coverage since midday Thursday on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 being shot down over Ukraine and Israel sending ground forces into Gaza, none of the broadcast networks have made a single mention of President Obama being criticized for attending political fundraisers that night.

Of the three network morning shows on Friday, only CBS This Morning even noted that Obama had just "returned to Washington late last night after a political trip to New York." Though it was never explained the trip was to raise campaign funds for the Democratic Party. NBC's Today didn't bother to mention the fundraisers, but did find time to promote Al Roker's upcoming interview with First Lady Michelle Obama. ABC's Good Morning America didn't even mention Obama's name in its coverage of the crises.

Despite special hour-long editions of the Big Three evening newscasts on Thursday, only NBC Nightly News featured correspondent Chris Jansing questioning the White House about the fundraisers, something missing on Today. Like This Morning, CBS Evening News vaguely referred to the President attending a "political event." ABC's World News didn't mention the political glad-handing at all.

While NBC and CBS at least briefly and sporadically acknowledged Obama's fundraising trip, neither network mentioned the harsh criticism the President was receiving.