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NBC's Chuck Todd: GOP Crowd Can't Compete with Democrats' All-Night 'Passion'

On NBC’s Tuesday night coverage of the Democratic National Convention Chuck Todd claimed the crowd at the Republican National Convention could not compete with the “passion” seen “throughout the evening” at the DNC. When asked, by Brian Williams, to compare their respective excitement levels, Todd dissed the GOP attendees: “You saw it only in the last hour...It was almost as if they waited for the television cameras to come on.”

The following exchange was aired on NBC’s September 4 live coverage of the Democratic National Convention, right after San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro delivered his Keynote speech:



[10:27pm EDT]        

BRIAN WILLIAMS: There is your keynoter, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Let's go down to Chuck Todd on the floor. Chuck, other than proving, all over again, there's nothing quite like being the father of a daughter if one was looking for a comparison, so far between this gathering and Tampa, what jumps out at you?

CHUCK TODD: Well it's the passion that you see throughout the evening. The Republican convention, you saw it only in the last hour. It was almost as if they waited for the television cameras to come on. Here, tonight, it's been passion. You hear the screams, you hear the yells. And the passion here is for the President. On the, on the, on the back end, of course, and for, last week the passion was against the President. More so, than passion for Romney, Brian.

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